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Plastics are everywhere. We use plastic products to make our lives easier, safer and more comfortable. And yet plastics have a bad reputation when it comes to sustainability. However, fact is that plastic is an organic material like paper and wool. Thereby it has a mix of characteristics which makes the material environmentally friendly and economical. In general plastics are lightweight, robust, reusable and recyclable and if we look at the big picture we cannot deny that these advantages result in significant cost savings and environmental benefits. 


To manufacture synthetic surface boxes G+W uses P123 material. This polyamide re-granulate is specially modified for heavy duty products like surface boxes and only comes from approved and certified sources. All our granulates are reviewed continuously and free of heavy metals.     


The carbon footprint of our surface boxes, which indicates the total CO2 emissions throughout the product lifecycle, is displayed in the environmental datasheets. This indicator helps monitoring the volume of greenhouse gasses produced on this planet. Most of G+W’s carbon dioxide emissions come from the extraction of raw material, production, transport and recycling. G+W strives to minimize its carbon footprint by continually seeking ways to reduce the use of energy and material and complying with strict efficiency regulations. Using our products means that you take an active role in the fight against climate change. 


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