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High quality, practicality and customer satisfaction is where G+W stands for. We always learn by cooperating with our customers and strive to share our knowledge by giving product trainings and suitable advices. This interaction helps us to continually improve the quality and installation of our products.


The quality of our products is regularly tested by our own qualified staff and subjected to the intensive quality checks of DVGW. This way we can maintain our high quality level and offer DIN certified products. All our product certificates can be found on the Certificates page.


Exceptional service by G+W 

Over the past decades surface boxes have changed from simple cast iron pipes into cleverly designed high quality products. Since G+W was founded in 2002 we offer a continuously increasing range of high quality surface boxes. Especially the introduction of height adjustable surface boxes caused a revolutionary change into the world of gas- and water distribution. To enable a proper installation of every surface box we offer extensive support in the sense of installation manuals, product trainings and all other background information that a customer could require. These services have been used more and more after the introduction of our height adjustable synthetic surface boxes, leading to an increasing amount of high quality G+W solutions applied within and around Germany. 


If it is desired, we can also help with the installation. We do this by making a detailed construction report and check if all installation steps are being carried out professionally. So far customers have been very satisfied with this support. Over the past years our installation support has been used eagerly which has contributed to the growing knowledge about how to install synthetic surface boxes properly and create a durable solution.


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