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Hybrid surface box
type 4055-2 KSGX (XXL)

KSK™ hybrid

The 4055-2 KSGX is a height adjustable hybrid surface box for underground hydrants, according to DIN 4055. Compared to standard DIN size the size of the surface box has been significantly increased fitting DN 80 underground hydrants of all sizes. Maintenance, cleaning and flushing work on the underground hydrant can be carried out without obstruction. This special model has a wide rim and is developed for installation in roads with high traffic loads. The bottom part is made of a recycled heat resistant glass fibre reinforced plastic. The top part and the conical shaped lid are made of cast iron (EN-GJL-200).


The plastic centring clips integrated in the lid compensate for manufacturing tolerances of the top part and the lid, reduce wear and prevent the lid from rattling. The coating of the conical lid increases the resistance against corrosion. Standard lid inscription: "HYDRANT". The surface box is tested and certified according to DIN 3580 and DVGW VP310-2. For more detailed information about this product please take a look at the datasheet and flyer.


Link to animation video: Long term savings height adjustable surface boxes

Type: 4055-2 KSGX

Weight: 56,8 kg

Lid material: Cast iron

Lid diameter: 406 x 302mm (Oval)


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DVGW DIN certified
KSK™ hybrid


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