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New surface box with Fugenring developed to prevent gap formation

Thursday 26 April 2018   |   08:21

Experience has taught us that road damage may occur when no proper joint is formed between surface box and tarmac road surface. The surface box with so called “Fugenring” offers the perfect solution to avoid this potential problem.


The new 4056V-FUG and 4057V-FUG surface boxes ensure a perfect installation in tarmac complying with German “ZTV Asphalt-StB 07” regulations. Firstly, the height adjustable feature offers great advantages. For example, during installation the top part of the surface box can be perfectly aligned with the road surface. In turn, the “Fugenring” feature helps avoiding cracks and gaps to emerge in the road surface surrounding the surface box. 


This is how it works: the “Fugenring” can be removed after installation leaving a defined space which has to be filled with liquid tarmac. When properly installed, the top part follows road settlement over time and the durable joint between tarmac and surface box prevents gaps to arise. Result: a lasting solution which avoids costly corrections afterwards.

Datasheet H 4056V FUG vAM
Datasheet H 4057V FUG vAI
Leaflet Fugenring GW EN

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