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DVGW approves surface boxes with Fugenring!

Thursday 26 April 2018   |   08:21

Recently the DVGW approved and certified G+W’s special surface boxes with integrated Fugenring: the 4056V-FUG and 4057V-FUG. These surface boxes have already been successfully installed in the past few years and recently also the DVGW recognized the quality and practicality of this innovative G+W solution.


The importance of a durable joint between surface box and road surface is already acknowledged for many years. However, up until now many surface boxes are still being installed without a durable connection between surface and surface box. Over time, this often leads to gap formation around the surface box. Result: costly and time consuming corrections are needed afterwards. The certified surface boxes with integrated Fugenring offer a solution that lasts, avoiding additional maintenance.      


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Datasheet H 4056V FUG
Datasheet H 4057V FUG
Leaflet Fugenring