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Carbon footprints of G+W products made public

Thursday 26 April 2018   |   08:21

Recently we calculated the environmental impact of our products. Why? The answer is simple: because we care about the future of our planet. And because we do not stand alone in this matter, we always strive to be transparent. In other words, we have literally nothing to hide.


The carbon footprints of our surface boxes are displayed on our datasheets. They can be recognized by the green stamp with white foot (see image). The figure shown in this stamp represents the total emitted kilograms of carbon dioxide (also called CO2 equivalent) throughout the whole life cycle of the product.


Our synthetic surface boxes have a relatively low carbon footprint in comparison with surface boxes made out of traditional materials, like cast iron. So if you choose G+W to be your supplier, you help to reduce the total volume of greenhouse gasses emitted on this planet.


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