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3D surface box models available on G+W website

Thu 26 Apr 18 | 08:21

G+W is the first surface box sales company to offer 3D Parasolid files on the company website. The files are available for all DIN surface boxes and contain 3D models of surface boxes which can be used in 3D software like Solid Works. The models are an easy tool for e.g. municipalities and infrastructure companies to use as part of their ... | Read more

Extension of G+W product range: the improved DIN 3583 surface box, fixed and height adjustable

Thu 26 Apr 18 | 08:21

For years the demand for a larger height adjustable surface box was growing. Now G+W offers the 3583V, G+W's largest synthetic surface box with height adjustable top part. G+W has also improved the design of the fixed 3583 surface box.    The dimensions are in accordance with DIN 3583 standards and the design meets DVGW and EN124-D44 ... | Read more

DVGW approves surface boxes with Fugenring!

Thu 26 Apr 18 | 08:21

Recently the DVGW approved and certified G+W’s special surface boxes with integrated Fugenring: the 4056V-FUG and 4057V-FUG. These surface boxes have already been successfully installed in the past few years and recently also the DVGW recognized the quality and practicality of this innovative G+W solution.   The importance of a durable joint ... | Read more

Carbon footprints of G+W products made public

Thu 26 Apr 18 | 08:21

Recently we calculated the environmental impact of our products. Why? The answer is simple: because we care about the future of our planet. And because we do not stand alone in this matter, we always strive to be transparent. In other words, we have literally nothing to hide.   The carbon footprints of our surface boxes are displayed on our ... | Read more

New surface box with Fugenring developed to prevent gap formation

Thu 26 Apr 18 | 08:21

Experience has taught us that road damage may occur when no proper joint is formed between surface box and tarmac road surface. The surface box with so called “Fugenring” offers the perfect solution to avoid this potential problem.   The new 4056V-FUG and 4057V-FUG surface boxes ensure a perfect installation in tarmac complying with German ... | Read more

Our new website is online!

Thu 26 Apr 18 | 08:21

We are delighted that we can finally introduce our new website to you. After a long period of technical, optical and especially content revision, we present to you a fundamentally modernized company website, accessible under the known web address gw-strassenkappen.de.   Besides a new and modern design, main focus was the adjustment of content in ... | Read more

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